Geoffrey Donovan

Featured Study:

  1. Donovan, Geoffrey H. and John Mills. 2014. Environmental Justice and Factors that Influence Participation in Tree Planting Programs in Portland, Oregon, U.S. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry. 40(2): 70-77.
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Research Statement:

My research is in two main areas: the economics of wildfire management and, more recently, the economics of urban forestry. My research in wildfire economics has covered a range of topics, including: the optimal deployment of suppression resources, the costs of agency and contract crews, decision making under uncertainty, the effect of wildfire risk on the housing market, the effect of newspaper coverage and political pressure on wildfire suppression costs, and the interdependence of homeowners’ wildfire risk. In my urban forestry research, I have estimated the impact of trees on house prices, rental prices, crime, energy use, and birth outcomes. Future studies will focus on the effect of urban trees on public health and storm-water management. For more details on specific studies, click on the publications link below. In addition, please contact me if you have any questions about my work. Finally if you are interested in receiving copies of future papers, then send me your e-mail address. Please specify whether you are interested in wildfire, urban forestry, or both.